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Your dentist, Dr. Greg Weeder, and our Weeder Pediatric Dentistry team care about your child’s smile, just like you do, which is why we encourage you to take good care of your child’s teeth and gums by knowing when to replace your child’s toothbrush. You should replace your child’s brush:

-After 3-4 months: After 3-4 months, your child’s toothbrush will have normal wear and tear, which keeps the brush from effectively removing the plaque from your child’s teeth and gums. This is why you should replace the toothbrush after a certain amount of time. Also, the toothbrush tends to harbor germs and bacteria, so it’s best to replace your child’s brush so they are not vulnerable to the harmful particles that live on the smile-cleaning tool.

-When the bristles are frayed: It’s best to replace your child’s toothbrush when the bristles are frayed because once the bristles are worn out, they won’t properly clean the smile. In addition, it’s best to replace the brush when the bristles are frayed because then they won’t harm or damage your child’s gums.

-After they’ve been sick: It’s very important to replace your child’s toothbrush after they have been sick. This is vital because if you don’t replace their brush, the bristles will harbor germs and bacteria and your child will have a high chance of being reinfected with the sickness.

If you give your child the tools they need to take great care of their smile, they will have the top-notch oral health they deserve! For more information about when to replace your child’s toothbrush in La Vista, Nebraska, please call our office at (402) 932.1177 and talk to a member of our friendly pediatric dental team. We are thrilled to help you!