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Has your infant begun to show signs of a tooth coming in? If so, they may be teething, at which point it is important to prepare yourself for the task of brushing their teeth whenever a tooth erupts above the gum line, starting with the first one at around 6 months of age. To better protect your child, avoid risks such as baby bottle tooth decay. Listed below are some frequently asked questions about baby bottle tooth decay:

Question: What is baby bottle tooth decay?
– Baby bottle tooth decay is a disorder caused by exposing a young infant to teeth destroying products such as sugar, which is often found in their bottles.

Question: What kind of products can cause baby bottle tooth decay?
– Standard sugary drinks such as soda drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, juices, and sugar water all contain a high amount of sugar that should be avoided in infant drinks.

Question: What are some treatment methods to keep your child safe from baby bottle tooth decay?
– The best treatment to keep your child safe is to prevent sugary products from finding their way into your child’s mouth. It’s also important to use toothpaste that has been ADA-approved for infants as soon as their first tooth begins to appear. Never coat your baby’s pacifier or bottle in a sugary substance such as honey. To prevent contamination, never share utensils or eating tools with your child.

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