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As you may have already heard, it’s important to protect the smile with a mouthguard, but how do you know when to tell your child to wear this beneficial appliance? Well, our dentist, Dr. Greg Weeder, is happy to help you by giving you the answers and information you need to keep your child’s smile in tip-top shape.

There are a couple situations when a mouthguard is necessary. The first situation is when your child plays high-contact sports. This includes football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, rugby, karate, and more. If your child participates in any activity where they could experience a blow to the face, it’s best that they wear a mouthguard. The guard will protect their smile and help them avoid oral injuries if they do get hit in the mouth. The second situation is if your child grinds their teeth at night. Wearing a mouthguard can help them avoid wearing down and cracking their teeth. However, your dentist will prescribe a specific mouthguard if this is necessary.

Sometimes there is some convincing to do when you ask your child to wear a mouthguard. This might be because they feel silly while wearing it or they don’t like how the guard feels in their mouth. When this happens, show them pictures of sports heroes wearing mouthguards. Many professional sports players protect their mouths with mouthguards, and it’ll help your child feel motivated to wear one when they see their favorite player protecting their smile.

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