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As soon as your baby is born, their baby teeth “buds” are underneath their gums. Not quite fully formed, these buds have no roots, which is what keeps them beneath the gums. When your baby teethes, their tooth buds are growing roots. It’s the growth of these roots that forces the buds upward through baby’s gums, forming a complete baby tooth.

These teeth don’t erupt until between four and six months, and it can be hard to tell exactly when your baby is teething. Luckily there are some signs to help you know whether your baby is going through this uncomfortable process. If your baby is experiencing any of the following symptoms, they are likely teething.

-Drooling excessively
-Rubbing gums
-Mild fever
-Decreased appetite

During their first year, your baby may cut as many as six new teeth. These are generally their front teeth, which may be less painful because they are long and thin. As your baby continues to grow, they will cut the rest of their teeth, including their molars. By the age of three, your baby should have their full set of 20 teeth.

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