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Have you heard of nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas? It is one of the types of sedation dentistry used by pediatric dentists to help young patients feel calm while dental care is being performed. We offer a general explanation of nitrous oxide and how it can help your child during a dental visit.

Nitrous oxide is supplied to your child by placing a mask over their nose, which means an injection is not needed. The gas is odorless to that your child won’t need to breathe in an unpleasant smell while sitting in the dental chair. The gas takes effect quickly to provide a relaxed feeling for your child and will wear off quickly as well after the treatment.

Your child will remain awake while receiving nitrous oxide so that they can speak with the pediatric dentist and respond to any questions or instructions. At the end of the treatment session, we can provide oxygen to flush any lingering gas from your child’s system and help them regain complete awareness quickly.

While laughing gas is very safe for children, some conditions may determine that it’s not right for your child. We encourage you to review your child’s health history with our team at Weeder Pediatric Dentistry to discuss whether your child is a good candidate for laughing gas.

You are welcome to schedule a visit with Dr. Greg Weeder by calling our office at (402) 932.1177 to discuss if your child should receive nitrous oxide in La Vista, Nebraska.