At Weeder Pediatric Dentistry, we know that each and every child is unique. We are passionate about offering quality, gentle care for all of our patients and we are eager to accommodate their individual needs. We have years of experience helping children with a variety of special needs, including Down’s Syndrome, anxiety, poor motor skills, cognitive difficulties, and unique dental habits.

In some cases, your child’s special healthcare concern may actually affect his or her dental health directly. For example, some children with special needs may “pouch” their food or hold it in their mouths for longer than it takes them to chew it. Pouching food sets the stage for additional bacterial growth, which could lead to more cavities. Grinding and clenching teeth is common in children with special needs. This condition, known as bruxism, can lead to wear-and-tear and even fracturing of the teeth. Certain medications can cause dry mouth, which can lead to a number of oral and dental issues including bad breath and gum disease. Children with Down’s syndrome often experience a delay in the eruption of their first teeth, which can create issues with spacing and jaw development.

Whatever your child’s needs, we look forward to accommodating them and helping them enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile. Visit with our friendly team today and schedule your child’s next appointment with our experienced dentist. We are pleased to be your family’s resource for quality pediatric dental care in La Vista, Nebraska!