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Did you grow up selling your chompers to the Tooth Fairy? Would she also give you a bit of money under your pillow as payment for the tooth? If so, you likely were raised in the US. Our Tooth Fairy custom is fun for us, and other regions have their own traditions for getting rid of baby teeth.

In India, Korea, Nepal, the Philippines and Vietnam, children throw pearly whites lost from their lower jaw to the roof of their home and lost pearly whites from the upper jaw under the floor, all while shouting a desire that their tooth be exchanged for a mouse’s tooth; rodent teeth continually grow. In Japan and China, children toss their fallen lower pearly whites upwards and their lost upper teeth downwards, in some cases even burying them. This is done as a symbol to plead with the adult teeth to grow in straight and in the appropriate direction. In Sri Lanka, children throw their teeth in the presence of a squirrel, asking it to exchange their baby tooth with a permanent one.

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